Universität Hamburg

UHAM presentation (formerly LUH)

Universität Hamburg (UHAM) is the largest research and educational institution in Northern Germany, and the third-largest German University.  As one of the country’s largest universities, it has  approximately 41’000 students and 5’000 international students from over 130 countries.

The Nonlinear Quantum Optics group

In the runtime of cQOM Prof. Roman Schnabel and his entire research group moved from LUH to University Hamburg. The name of the newly established group changed to ‘Nonlinear Quantum Optics’ although the field of research and the scientific goals did not change. The group consists of two postdoctoral scientists and 12 PhD students and researches interferometric measurements in the context of gravitational wave detection and communication with nonclassical light and works on the sensitivity enhancement of the gravitational wave detector GEO600 with squeezed light. The new group is located at the Institute of Laser Physics, which is embedded in an excellent research infrastructure on the Physics Campus in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld.

Prof. Roman Schnabel