Our cQOM ITN Fellows have been very active in participating and/or presenting talks at 217 workshops and conferences!  See the detailed list here

1. Wikipedia article on Cavity Optomechanics.  The cQOM ESRs have collaborated on developing the Wikipedia and is now online at the public link Cavity Optomechanics and will be continuously improved upon! Wikipedia is a free-access online encyclopedia, serving over 400 million visitors monthly.

2. Open Days’ events.  ITN Fellows participated at yearly university events presenting their research work at poster sessions to expert and public audiences

e.g. University of Camerino’s Scientific Day School of Science and Technology:

ESR Iman Moaddel Haghighi presented “Quantum states of a nanomechanical oscillator” (June 2014)
ESR Muhammad Asjad  presented “Detection in optomechanical systems” (May 2015 & 2016)
ESR Nenad Krajl presented “Testing circular SiN membranes for optomechanical applications” (May 2016)

e.g. University of Hamburg Open Day at Institute for Laser Physics:
ESRs Paolo Piergentili and Mikhail Korobko presented a poster on “Radiation pressure effects in optomechanics” (Dec. 2015)

e.g. EPFL’s Photonics Day:
Poster sessions by IBM’s ESR K. Schneider & EPFL’s ESRs R. Schilling, D. Toth, L. Qiu (Nov 2015)3.

3. Journée des Classes 2015 – EPFL

A yearly outreach event organized at EPFL to promote science and technology to young students.

2 June 2015 – EPFL’s ITN fellows presenting their light diffraction experiments to elementary students:

Journée des Classes 2015


4. Video productions

(i)  Imagine a World – EPFL’s research featured on Swiss National TV
© 2015 EPFL (Feb 2015)

A short video on the research activities recorded at Prof. Kippenberg’s Laboratory of Photonics and Quantum Measurements and aired on the Swiss National TV (RTS).  ITN fellows and other collaborators are featured.

“Imagine a world in which a new measurement device would have appeared…”

(ii)  At the heart of high speed communication (Jan 2015)

This video was created in the labs of Prof. Tobias Kippenberg at EPFL to raise public awareness of the importance of their research in optics and photonic technologies and demonstrate how optics interconnect in our daily lives.

5. Ghent Light Festival 2015

Feb 2015 – The photonics research groups of Ghent University organised a Photonics Science Fair at the Ghent Light Festival, which attracted 640.000 visitors. UGENT’s ESR Jesper Hakansson organised and manned one of the booths at this fair, visited by +50.000 people!

ESR Jesper Hakansson at Photonics Science Fair_Feb 2015

6. Fête de la Science 2014 – researchers from UPMC, Paris-Sorbonne, Museum of Natural History (MHHN) and the University of Technology of Compiège (UTC) convene at the Village des science of Jussieu’s campus in Paris to present scientific experiments and laboratory visits to elementary school children and their families.

9 – 11 Oct 2014UPMC’s ER Sheon Chua presented a demonstration to elementary school children on the properties of squeezed light

7. La Nuit de la Science 2014A popular yearly public outreach event in Geneva that allows young researchers to present their work

5 – 6 July 2014 –  EPFL’s ESRs Daniel Toth and Ryan Schilling with EPFL visiting fellow Aditi demonstrating light diffusion in a smoke of dry ice:



An intensely engaging moment from our ITN fellows in action….explaining their optical guitar experiment:

Science de la Nuit 2014