Optomechanics Learning Material

A ‘resource library’ has been assembled from the lectures presented at Les Houches Summer School (Grenoble, France) in August 2015 sponsored by cQOOM ITN.  It features a series of lectures and seminars on fundamental topics in Optomechanics by leading experts in the field.



Course 1:  Early history and fundamentals of optomechanics by A. Heidmann (UPMC)

Course 2: Gravitational Wave Detection by D. Blair (University of Western Australia)

Course3:  Quantum Optomechanics with Macroscopic Test Masses, Basic Notations by Y. Chen (Caltech)

Course 4:  Quantum measurements & quantum optomechanics by A. Clerk (McGill Univ.)

Course 5:  Advanced gravitational-wave interferometers by Nergi Mavalvala (MIT)

Course 6:  Quantum Physics with Microspheres by O. Romero-Isart (IQOQI, Innsbruck)

Course 7:  Basics of microwave electro-optomechanics by A. Cleland (U. of Chicago)

Course 8:  Coupling mechanics and spins in diamond by A. Jayich (UCSB)

Course9:  Electromechanical entanglement, memory, and transduction by K. Lehnert (JILA, U. of Colorado and NIST, Boulder)

Course10:  Hybrid Optomechanics by P. Treutlein (U. of Basel)

Course 11:  Quantum Optomechanics and quantum heat engines by P. Meystre (U. of Arizona)

Course 12:  Design and engineering of optomechanical crystals by O. Painter (Caltech)


Seminar 1:  Optomechanics with Blue Detuning by K. Hammerer (LUH)

Seminar 2:  Speed Meter by S. Hild (U. of Glasgow)

Seminar 3:  Optical microresonators by T.J. Kippenberg (EPFL)

Seminar 4:  Casimir Forces by S. Reynaud (UPMC)

Seminar 5:  Decoherence / Is the Moon where nobody looks by S. Reynaud (UPMC)

Seminar 6:  Nanomechanical resonators by C. Riedel (Perimeter Institute)

Seminar 7:  Silicon nitride strings as nanomechanical resonators by E. Weig (UKON)


Prof. Florian Marquardt’s lecture on Quantum Machines: Measurement and Control of Engineered Quantum Systems”. Les Houches Lecture Notes, Vol. 96. eds. M. Devoret, B. Huard, R. Schoelkopf, L. F. Cugliandolo, Oxford University Press 2014, available here.


ESR Leonard Neuhaus has also recorded a tutorial on ‘How to operate a Michelson interferometer with PyRPL and the Red Pitaya‘.  PyRPL was developed in the Optomechanics and Quantum Measurements group at the Laboratoire Kastler Brossel (partner UPMC).