Vienna, 14 – 15 May 2015, “Levitation in (quantum) Physics,” by Prof. Markus Aspelmeyer

“Levitation in (quantum) physics: a new tool for addressing foundational questions”


The workshop took place at the University of Vienna (Austria) on May 14 – 15, 2015.

The goal of the workshop was to introduce the ITN cQOM students to the current foundational questions in quantum physics, guided by the methodology and prospects of cavity quantum optomechanics.  A particular focus was on macroscopic quantum physics, non-equilibirum statistical physics, quantum thermodynamics and the gravity-quantum interface.

All lectures combined tutorial style introductions with insight into state-of-the art research.

Workshop website and program


cqom ITN workshop_Vienna May 2015

ITN cQOM workshop – “Levitation in (quantum) physics: a new tool for addressing foundational questions”, May 14 – 15 2015, Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna


Organizer:  University of Vienna