Lausanne, 21-23 July 2014, “Finite Element Modeling,” by Prof. Tobias Kippenberg

July 21 – July 23, 2014 @ EPFL, Lausanne




Finite element (FEM) simulation is becoming one of the most important tools in the optomechanics community — not only to model and understand different complex effects seen in the lab, but also as an increasingly key element for optimizing and designing more efficient optomechanical systems. The FEM simulation workshop at EPFL offers a 2.5-day intensive training on the various problems that one may face in optomechanical experiment or system design.

Lectures are designed so that students learn how to approach a set of optomechanics-specific problems using COMSOL, a powerful and ubiquitous FEM package.  This includes understanding the underlying physical model, step-by-step instructions to implement the model in COMSOL, and methods to extract and process data from the simulations.  At the end of a lecture, students will have made a FEM model for the specific problem and simulated it by themselves (it is thus required that attendees bring their own computers).

The problems and topics chosen for lectures are all real problems faced in the optomechanics community during the experiment and design/optimization phases of research.  We also provide a few lectures about tricks and ideas to make more efficient and faster simulations. The topics covered in the workshop are shown below.

Detailed workshop programme – please click here.