Erlangen, 6 – 9 October 2013, “Theory of cavity optomechanics” by Prof. Florian Marquardt (Erlangen) and Prof. David Vitali (Camerino) — and Munich, 10. October 2013 “Taking an idea to a product” by Prof. Khaled Karrai

These combined two workshops were organized by Prof. Florian Marquardt (University of Erlangen), Prof. David Vitali (University of Camerino) and Prof. Khaled Karrai (attocube systems AG).



The first part of the workshop at Univesrity of Erlangen contained 3 days of lecturing in theoretical quantum optomechanics. The teaching was done by Prof. Florian Marquardt and Prof. David Vitali.

This is the programme that was followed during the workshop/tutorial in Erlangen, 7.-9. October, 2013, as well as the talks done by some of the participants to the workshop.

Below you can find the lecture notes of Prof. Florian Marquardt on “Quantum optomechanics” and Prof. David Vitali on “Introduction to entanglement and its application to cavity optomechanics”:

Erlangen 2013_Marquardt

Erlangen 2013_Vitali

The theory was taught in direct relations with publications of the research consortium, to exemplify the utility of the theoretical approaches to the ITN students.

The second part of the workshop continued with a 1 day visit to the company attocube systems AG in Munich.  Ultra-high precision spatial positioning of objects is a science central to most fields of nano-technology. The vision of providing the research market with a reliable, compact, nano-precise positioning system that is capable of executing sample movement from the sub-nanometer to a centimeter range even in a big variety of environments like UHV, low temperatures or at high magnetic fields was the fundamental driving force for attocube founded by Prof. Karrai. The product line includes today, first, ultra-compact nano-precise positioning devices for use under extreme environmental conditions such as very low temperatures. The second product line are easy-to-use, highly flexible low temperature Scanning Probe Microscopes. These systems are based on these reliable positioning devices. attocube has its research and manufacturing in the very heart of downtown Munich, making it an ideal venue to visit.

The workshop took place at attocube systems GmbH, and showed the ITN students a valuable glance into a high technology company, notably the students learned:

  • How the idea of a university professor (Prof. Karrai) lead to a 25-people multi-million dollar business SME;
  • How products for nanotechnology and ultra low temperature Physics are conceived and made into a real world product;
  • The functioning principle and fabrication of ultra low temperature Piezoelectric positioners;
  • A seminar on the pitfalls of founding and running a company, given by the CEO Prof. Karrai;
  • The work of a Physicists in industry.
This is the agenda of the workshop in Munich.

The workshop therefore provided the ITN students a valuable and unique glimpse into the interior working principle of a high technology company and therefore gave a lasting and enduring impression, that will significantly broaden their horizon in addition to the training received in their academic setting.


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In Erlangen, the workshop took place at:

University of Erlangen

Staudtstr. 5
91058 Erlangen

In Munich, the workshop will be at attocube  premises:

attocube systems AG

Königinstrasse 11a
80539 München, Germany


University of Erlangen        Univesrity of Camerino        attocube systems AG