Michael Geiselmann

Michael Geiselmann
Experienced Researcher

Academic background

2014-present Postdoc at EPFL (Switzerland)

2009-2014 PhD in Optics at ICFO -The Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona (Spain)
-PhD thesis on “All Optical Control of a nitrogen-vacancy centre in a nano diamond”

2003-2008 Study of physics at University of Stuttgart (Germany) and General Engineering at Ecole Centrale Paris (France)
-Diplomarbeit on Ultrafast Spectroscopy on Metamaterials

“Deterministic Optical-Near-Field-Assisted Positioning of Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers”
Nano Letters 14, 1520 (2014)

“Fast optical modulation of the fluorescence from a single nitrogen vacancy centre”
Nature Physics 9, 785 (2013)

“Three dimensional optical manipulation of a single electron spin”
Nature Nanotechnology 8, 175 (2013)

“Tailoring the Ultrafast Dynamics of the Magnetic Mode in Magnetic Photonic Crystals”
Phys. Rev. B 81, 235101 (2010)

Current research topic:

Post-doc at LPQM working on SiN optics