Itay Shomroni

Itay Shomroni
Experienced Researcher


Academic background

2014    Ph.D. in Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Thesis: All-Optical Single Photon Switch Based on a Single Atom
Advisor: Dr. Barak Dayan

2008    M.Sc. in Physics, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
Thesis: Observation of the d.c. Josephson effect in a Bose-Einstein condensate
Advisor: Dr. Jeff Steinhauer

2000    B.Sc. in Physics and Computer Science, Tel-Aviv University, Israel.

Current Research Topic

My research concerns realizing non-classical states in mechanical oscillators. Specifically, our research aim to create a single phonon Fock state of a mechanical mode. Such a state can be created using heralding techniques, as has been analyzed theoretically in our group: Staring for the oscillator ground state and working in the resolved-sideband regime, a single ‘write’ photon, tuned to the blue sideband, may leave the oscillator in a non-classical singly-excited Fock state, while generating a down-converted photon heralding the process. Subsequent reading of the mechanical state is possible via a ‘read’ photon tuned to the read sideband, imprinting the mechanics on up-converted photons. In analogy to early experiments in quantum optics, that demonstrated the quantum nature of light via fluorescence from single atoms, the quantum nature of mechanical oscillators is revealed in the statistical correlations of the readout light, which would violate classicality by exhibiting anti-bunching and sub-Poissoninan statistics.

We implement photonic crystal nanomechanical oscillators due to their gigahertz-scale mechanical frequency (resulting in high resolved sideband factor), high optical and mechanical Q-factors and excellent optomechanical coupling. The high frequency also enables reaching extremely low thermal occupation simply by cryogenically cooling the devices. Our experiments are carried out in a He3 cryostat at 600 mK where thermal occupation is ~2 quanta, facilitating further optomechanical cooling.

Achieving a single-phonon Fock state of a mechanical oscillator will advance the understanding of the quantum nature of macroscopic objects and facilitate using such systems for quantum information processing.


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