Iman Moaddel Haghighi

Iman Moaddel Haghighi
Early Stage Researcher, Università di Camerino

Academic Background

2006 BSc-Solid state  Physics – USB, Iran

2009 MSc-Atomic Physics – University of Tehran, Iran

2013- PhD – Optomechanics – University of Camerino, Italy

Current research topic (PhD)

My PhD career will be followed under the title of ” Optomechanics in a membrane in the middle setup “. The optomechanical setup in Camerino consists of a SiN membrane within a Fabry-Perot cavity. My phd task at the first step is to utilize a high-sensitive interferometer for the homodyne detection of the motion of membrane vibrational modes and characterize them as function of the thickness, size and cladding technique. Then the optical system will be employed for the detection of the light reflected by the Fabry Perot cavity and observe the radiation-pressure  effect of the confined cavity field on the mechanical mode. Subsequently the setup will be upgraded for cryogenic temperatures  and first cryogenic tests of the membrane-in-the-middle setup will be carried out.  The perspective of my PhD job is to upgrade the set up to study the coupling effects of Radio frequency and optical photons in presence of the  membrane.


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“An ICA Approach to Purify Components of Spatial Components of Seismic Recordings”, 113233-MS, SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, 21-24 September 2008, Denver, Colorado, USA