Claus Gaertner

Claus Gaertner
Early Stage Researcher
University of Vienna

Academic background

3/2013 – today: Ongoing PhD in Physics. Topic: Quantum information and quantum entanglement of micromechanical resonators in cavity optomechanics, Quantum Foundations and Quantum Information on the Nano- and Microscale, Aspelmeyer Group, Universtity of Vienna

1/2011 – 4/2012: Diploma thesis under Prof. Juerg Leuthold, Institute of Photonics and Quantum Electronics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Topic: “Plasmonic Modulators“

4/2006 – 4/2012: Studies of Physics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)


 Current research topic (PhD)

Quantum information and quantum entanglement of micromechanical resonators in cavity optomechanics.

One of the major prospects for bringing nano- and micro-mechanical systems into the quantum regime is their application to quantum information processing. Due to their flexibility to couple to a variety of physical systems mechanical quantum systems enable novel opportunities for quantum information science, in particular as universal quantum transducer system or as quantum memory. Current challenges involve the preparation of mechanical quantum states of sufficient purity, interfacing to other systems such as optical cavities and the development of hybrid devices with sufficiently strong coupling to achieve coherent state manipulation. My work will focus on the optomechanical aspect by designing mechanical resonators that allow the transfer between optical quantum states onto mechanical states by means of non-classical states of micro-optomechanical deivces, such as entanglement. The generation, manipulation and detection of non-classical states exploiting and extending the available toolbox of quantum information processing are the main tasks of my work.

Future Goal: Exploit the toolbox of quantum information processing to generate, manipulate and detect non-classical states of micro-optomechanical devices.