Jie Li

Jie Li
Experienced Researcher
University of Camerino

Academic background

Sept 2010–Sep 2013:
Degree: Ph.D.
Institution: School of Math & Physics, Queen’s University, Belfast
Supervisor: Prof. Mauro Paternostro
Title of the Thesis: ”Quantum effects and nonclassicality in controlled open systems”

Sept 2007– July 2010:
Degree: M.Sc.
Institution: State Key Lab of Quantum Optics, Shanxi University, China
Supervisor: Prof. Tiancai Zhang
Title of the Thesis: ”Non-classicality and entanglement measures of two-body systems”

Current research topic (post-doc)

• Fundamental Issues in Quantum Mechanics, including: Macroscopic Quantum Mechanics (Macroscopic entanglement/superposition, Optomechanics); Quantum-to-classical transition (Nonclassicality, Nonlocality, Leggett-Garg Inequality); Open quantum systems (Decoherence mechanisms, Collapse models, Non-Markovianity); Quantum optomechanics.

• Jie Li, Simon Groblacher and Mauro Paternostro. Enhancing non-classicality in mechanical systems. New J. Phys. 15 (2013) 033023, “IOPselect” article, chosen by IOP Editors.
• Yanqiang Guo, Jie Li, Tiancai Zhang, and Mauro Paternostro. Transferring entanglement to the steady-state of flying qubits. Phys. Rev. A 86, 052315 (2012).
• Mauro Paternostro, Laura Mazzola, and Jie Li. Driven optomechanical systems for mechanical entanglement distribution. J. Phys. B 45 (2012) 154010, Special Issue on “Loss of coherence and memory effects in quantum dynamics”.
• Jie Li, Gerard McKeown, Fernando L. Semiao, and Mauro Paternostro. Non-Markovian effects on the non-locality of a qubit-oscillator system. Phys. Rev. A 85, 022116 (2012).
• Jie Li, Thomas Fogarty, Cecilia Cormick, John Goold, Thomas Busch, and Mauro Paternostro. Tripartite non-locality and continuous-variable entanglement in thermal states of trapped ions. Phys. Rev. A 84, 022321 (2011).
• Yang Rong-Can, Li Gang, Li Jie, and Zhang Tian-Cai. Atomic NOON State Generation in Distant Cavities by Virtual Excitations. Chin. Phys. B 20 (2011) 060302.
• Jie Li, Gang Li, Jun-Min Wang, Shi-Yao Zhu, and Tian-Cai Zhang. A comparison of two nonclassical measures, entanglement potential and the negativity of the Wigner function. J. Phys. B 43 (2010) 085504.

Under review:

• Jing Zhang, Tiancai Zhang, André Xuereb, David Vitali, Jie Li. More nonlocality with less entanglement in a tripartite atom-optomechanical system. arXiv:1402.3872. Submitted to Annalen der Physik, Special Issue on “Quantum and Hybrid Mechanical Systems”.
• A. M. Souza, Jie Li, D. O. Soares-Pinto, R. S. Sarthour, I. S. Oliveira, S. F. Huelga, M. Paternostro, and F. L. Semiao. Experimental Demonstration of non-Markovian dynamics via a temporal Bell-like ineuqality. arXiv:1308.5761. Submitted to Nat Communications.
• Jie Li, Andrea Smirne, Kavan Modi, Laura Mazzola, F. L. Semiao, M. G. A. Paris, S. F. Huelga, Bassano Vacchini, and Mauro Paternostro. On the link between dynamical non-Markovianity and extended Bell inequalities in time. Submitted to PRX.