News – our cQOM research in the press

Zurich, 7 May 2015

Thanks to the paper, “Adhesion and friction in mesoscopic graphite contacts”, appearing in the peer reviewed journal of Science, our partners at IBM Zürich have not only uncovered the quantitative secret to understanding friction in such materials, like graphite, they even invented a way to measure it.  Graphite materials are very promising for MEMS applications and these findings will someday help other scientists design energy efficient MEMS devices.

IBM Science paper in the press

Authors of the Science paper (L – R): A. Knoll, E. Koren (cQOM ITN fellow), C. Rawlings, E. Lörtscher, (missing U. Duerig, cQOM IBM scientist-in-charge)

Brussels, 16 February 2015

“Interaction between light and highly confined hypersound in a silicon photonic nanowire”  – publication co-authored by Drise Van Thourhout – our ITN cQOM PI from Gent University is available here!

The links to the press releases on IMEC and AlphaGalileo

The publication was also featured on the cover of Nature Photonics,199–203:

Silicon photonic nanowire_Nature Photonics Cover


Lausanne, 03 November 2014

“Measurement and control of a mechanical oscillator at its thermal decoherence rate” – publication co-authored by Ryan D. Schilling – ITN cQOM fellow – posted now on Nature and available here!


Lausanne, 01 November 2014

All you need to know about Cavity Optomechanics – the book by Prof. Kippenberg, Prof. Aspelmeyer and Prof. Marquard published now and available here!

Cavity Optomechanics_Springer book

The publication “Cavity Optomechanics” was published and featured on the cover of Review of Modern Physics 86, 1391 (2014).

Cavity Optomechanics_Review of Modern Physics


Lausanne, 22 July 2014

ITN cQOM fellows hiking trip in the Lavaux –  UNESCO World Heritage Site



Lausanne, 21-23 July 2014

ITN cQOM Finite Element Modeling Workshop at EPFL in Lausanne